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Therapeutic Riding Lessons
(treatment with the help of the horse)

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy






June 14

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JULY 4th



Mission Statement

To strengthen, empower and enhance lives for people with disabilities

 through Equine Assisted Activities or Therapies

Vision Statement

Realizing the full potential of the horse to inspire stronger, happier

and healthier people in central Minnesota

What we Do

We serve people with disabilities in Central Minnesota at Upper Oak Farm located in Motley (Leader). 120 acres of Timothy hay, wooded areas, an outdoor arena and barn offer the perfect setting for

Equine Assisted Activities or Therapies

  • Non-profit 501(c)3

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Our Team Social Work session
Mia's first day
  • PATH International

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Acorn Hill EAAT

  Therapeutic Riding Lessons


Equine Facilitated
Psychotherapy (EFP)

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Making a Difference Changing a Life Step by Step Stride by Stride

Where we Are

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Who we Are

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Kelly Peterson

Founder/Executive Director

PATH Intl Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

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Toni Wasilensky

Trainer/Horse Handler

PATH Intl Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

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Physical & Occupational Therapy;  Speech Language

Pathology (Hippotherapy)

coming soon!

Why Hippotherapy?

My name is Kelly Peterson and I am here to say that Hippotherapy (in addition to regular therapy methods) really works. Hippo is Greek for horse so Hippotherapy means treatment with the help of the horse (or pony). As a trained side walker I have seen miraculous progress for children using walkers and wheelchairs during and after Hippotherapy sessions.  Parents and caregivers tell us about further progress at home.  For example, one caregiver told us "Her balance has improved so much that she does not get shaky when she is in tricky situations like getting out of her chair.  She does it alone." As a team we saw this rider and others consistently improve balance, increase their ability to walk, begin to talk, boost self-confidence, giggle and smile all while building core muscles.  The repetitive motion created in a riding session is not able to be reproduced in the same manner with the same success anywhere else. Meanwhile, riders have so much fun they do not even know how hard they are working!  For research results and more information visit  Click the button below for my personal and professional connection to the riders and families we serve.

In loving memory of Sophie

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April 21, 2012-August 25, 2019

Sophie came to us during our Pilot Program in 2017  (see Hippotherapy pic above).  She traveled in a wheelchair and couldn't sit up by herself. After Hippotherapy sessions February - August 2017 she could sit up, and so much more! Her wide smile and beautiful spirit enriched the lives of everyone, both two-legged and four. Rest in peace little one,

running and riding fast in the sky.

Latest news for YOU

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June 2024

*ATV Acorn Hill Benefit Ride!!! at the

 Bear's Den, Leader MN 

*JUNEFEST Motley MN booth & parade

 June 15th

*Stars and Stripes 4th of July parade

Pequot Lakes MN

*Advance Raffle Ticket sales going on!

Volunteers with tickets are happy to

assist and/or see us in Motley or 

Pequot Lakes. All proceeds cover costs

for riders with limited or no income that

still we serve.


Haven't met Ruby? Buy our fundraiser book today!

Donations Needed


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Can be

Made online below


Covered Arena


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or Mailed to:

Acorn Hill EAAT Inc.

7969 65th Avenue SW

Motley, MN  56466

Donations are tax deductible  and greatly appreciated

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Acorn Hill EAAT Inc

7969 65th Ave SW,

Motley, MN 56466

(540) 454-1711

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