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Toni Wasilensky

Trainer/Horse Handler
Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Toni has worked in the equine industry for over 30 years and is a prime factor in our program's successful beginning in 2016. Her experience both as a rider and teacher are extraordinary!  She is the type of rare person who can perform successfully and yet scale down her vast knowledge to address even the most beginning basic learning needs for students of all ages.  Time spent on the ground in the early stages of learning and beyond holds high value to her as it lends itself to a more successful, safe relationship with our horses.  Through her we were able to begin our 2016 Pilot Program with borrowed horses.  Under her care they were well trained, safe and a joy to work with.  In that time we realized that the height of a horse was too high because of the support our initial and young riders required.  Our shoulders got pretty sore within about 10 of a 30-40 minute ride.  And so, we were able to rely on her once again, for she was instrumental in helping us locate our program ponies.  No ponies, no program, so we will always be grateful for her guidance.  Currently Toni volunteers for Thursday sessions and continues to be a strong source of our support and growth.

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